“Muzyka 21” reviews “Red Sun”

October 28, 2015 - News

Polish online art magazine Muzyka 21 has published an article on music of Glowicka. Polish critic Jan Topolski writes his impressions about the new CD ‘Red Sun’:
What makes the music of Katarina Głowicka special? First of all space. Deep and extensive. As in ambient music. Built by reverbs, echoes and electronics. Against this background – a piano. Flickering , rippling . Cascades of repeating notes and rhythms. As in minimal music . Tonal associations, but with different development. Clear sounds, distorted, appear then re-appear hear and there as whispers and crackles. As in glitch music. But clearly you hear the skills of a seasoned composer – the clear intentions and the feeling for ‘big form’.
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