Seven Sonnets

November 2, 2015

Seven Sonnets (2015) released by ARTEKsounds DUX, Bôłt records and . New, exciting collaboration with Arnon Zlotnik and Rubens Quartet. “Glowickas style, her nonconformist handling of electronic possibilities and idiosyncratic, not complacency seeking harmonies, are clearly visible in the 50-minute, highly recommended cycle.” Culturmag, Tina Manske, Germany   “Glowicka forges a rarefied spiritual atmosphere with…

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Amber Songs

September 1, 2014

Amber Songs (2014) is a little disc for fans of folk and choir music. 17 composers from all over the world, including myslef, have written pieces inspired by the Latvian folk songs. Commissioned by Youth choir Kamēr. Track 11 is my composition “Tolku balss- Autumn Work Song”. Click here to buy on Amazon. Further performances…

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Red Sun

July 7, 2014

Red Sun (2014) released by Bôłt records Internationally acclaimed collaboration with Polish piano star – Malgorzata Walentynowicz. KATARINA GLOWICKA with MAGLORZATA WALENTYNOWICZ   CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE CLICK TO DOWNLOAD CD BOOKLET     TO BUY: ARTEkSounds   iTUNES    CDBABY   BOLT RECORDS   AMAZON.DE PURCHASE DOWNLOAD “the next star from the East”  Junge Welt, Germany “a delightful 55-minute drive…

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Gonzo Circus Magazine

July 1, 2014

Mind the Gap #109 (2014) – compilation from ‘Gonzo Circus” – GC135. Disc compiled and published by Belgian magazine ‘Gonzo Circus’ in July 2014. Track 6 is Retina.

Solitude of Sounds

October 1, 2013

Solitude of Sounds (2013) Track Presence is part of this unique CD published on label Bôłt records. Solitude of Sounds: in memoriam Tomasz Sikorski is a collection of works created in Polish Radio Experimental Studio by Polish pioneer of minimalism, Tomasz Sikorski and by his friends and followers. Click here to buy …

Fuge in C of Dog

October 3, 2007

Fuge in C of Dog (2005) Double disc by renowned Aurelia Saxophone Quartet nominated to Edison Awards. Track 14 is “Contre Bruit”. Recording by renowned Aurelia Saxophone Quartet Nominated for Edison Award 2005, category Chamber Music. Track 14 on this disc is Glowicka’s Contre Bruit.  Click here to buy on AmazonChallenge Records/Aurelia Saxophone Quartet This 2005 double-disc from…

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Re: New CD

July 13, 2007

International jury selected Opalescence (track 1) published at International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) CD. International Computer Music Conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2007.

Warsaw Autumn chronicles

January 1, 2004

Warsaw Autumn chronicles (2001). Debut on Warsaw Autumn festival with Summers’ day sonnets and saxophone concerto.