Women create opera – discussion and concert at Poznan Grand Theater

February 14, 2017

On Saturday 18 February at. 16:00 at the Grand Theatre in Poznan, UNITED STATES OF OPERA foundation, invites for an extraordinary meeting – “WOMEN CREATE OPERA”. Among the guests Katarina Głowicka, Marzena Diakun and Elżbieta Sikora and . During the meeting soprano Joanna Freszel will present selection of contemporary pieces. The talk will be led…

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“Seven Sonnets”reviewed by Jazznmore

October 22, 2016

Yet another review of “Seven Sonnets”. This time in the September issue of swiss magazine  Jazznmore. below translation of a fragment: “The fascinating tension of Glowicka’s compositions comes from the contrast between the old-time sound of the Contertenor, the classical arranged string quartet and the almost timelessly spherical-sounding electronic collages, which portray the historically evocative texts into an atmospheric dimension…

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New commission for Allison Cook

October 18, 2016

foto Pierre Debusschere New commission for cycle of 4 songs for female singer, piano and live electronics will be premiered by soprano Allison Cook on 4th of April 2017. The standard repertoire of classical song recitals for female singers consists of such pieces as Schumann’s “Frauenliebeund Leben”or Shoenberg’s” Das Buch der Hängede Gärten, Op.  15. The musical language and the…

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Polish “Lizard Magazine” on “Seven Sonnets”

October 16, 2016

“Seven Sonnets” reviewed in progressive music magazine “Lizard” from Poland with 8/10. “the most beautiful is the culmination of the disc with minimalist, hardening at a moment in time thanks to the electronic effects of the strings” Lizard is the only Polish magazine devoted to the broader progressive music. Authors are looking for and describe…

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Premiere of Audio DH project

September 22, 2016

Conceived and directed by Francisco López audio-DH is a collaborative project of epic proportions that weaves the sounds of 250 of The Hague’s creative minds into an exploration of the city’s vibrant sonic tapestry. With the help of fellow composer Barbara Ellison and the artist platformiii, 50 curators were invited to rally the city’s creative…

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Favola at Tivolivredenburg

September 18, 2016

Laura Sandee from “Insomnio” Ensemble preformed “Favola” in Utrecht at beautiful “Herz” hall of TivoliVredenburg. Performance was part of the conference International Computer Music Conference which this year was hosted by Utrecht and organised together with “Gaudeamus Foundation” from Holland. INSOMNIO, an ensemble for contemporary music, was founded in 1997. Through the years the ensemble…

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Blow Up

Italian magazine “Blow up” on “Seven Sonnets”

September 18, 2016

Italian avangarde music magazine“Blow up” writes on emotionality and dialectics of the album “Seven Sonnets” in the September issue. The Sonnets received favorable review by Dionisio Capuano. Blow Up is a monthly Italian magazine about “rock & other contaminations”, as the caption states: out rock, electronica, techno, house, experimental, industrial, improv/jazz, traditional. Cd “Seven Sonnets” has…

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Neural review of Seven Sonets

August 18, 2016

August issue of Neural magazine features review of Seven Sonnets. Fragment: Between romantic hints and spiritual environments, the seven tracks are all very enjoyable. The composer is no stranger to the melting pot of different cultural areas, with collaborations between theater and music. Indeed, Glowicka has shared stages in the past with choreographers and visual…

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Belgian online magazine “Darkentries” reviews “Seven Sonnets”

July 18, 2016

Technically, this neoclassical, but it is not ‘warm’ neoclassical where you see the fairies flutter on a sunny summer day on the grass. This is chilly neoclassical, as a heavy walk through the snow from the icy north wind in. newest CD “Seven Sonnets” is reviewed at darkentries.be Dark Entries is an independent online music…

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